Victor A. Moore Bus Terminal

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Inside the Victor A. Moore Bus Terminal attached to the station

The Victor A. Moore Bus Terminal,[1] which replaced the earlier building known as the Victor Moore Arcade,[2] is located within the Roosevelt Avenue / 74th Street subway station building at Roosevelt Avenue, Broadway, and 74th and 75th Streets.[1] The terminal is named after Victor Moore to developer of the original Victor Moore Arcade.

Seven bus lines stop in or near the terminal, providing transfer to the subway and bus connections.[3] Lanes 1 through 3, which serve three of these bus routes, are located inside the terminal. Lanes 2 and 3, which serve the Q49 and northbound Q70 SBS buses respectively, can accommodate one bus each, while Lane 1, which serves the Q33, can accommodate two buses. The Q32, Q47, and southbound Q70 SBS buses stop on Roosevelt Avenue, while the Q53 and southbound Q47 stop on Broadway.[3] All buses from the terminal are operated by MTA Bus, successors to the Triboro Coach routes, except the Q32, which is operated by New York City Bus.[3]

Lane Route Destination[3]
1 Q33 East Elmhurst
Ditmars Boulevard and 94th Street
2 Q49 East Elmhurst
Astoria Boulevard and 102nd Street
3 Q70
Select Bus Service
LaGuardia Airport, All terminals except Marine Air Terminal
at 74th Street
Q47 Southbound:
The Shops at Atlas Park
at 81st Street and Cooper Avenue
Roosevelt Avenue
at 74th Street
Q32 Westbound:
Penn Station, Midtown Manhattan
West 32nd Street and 7th Avenue
Jackson Heights
Northern Boulevard and 81st Street
Q47 Northbound:
LaGuardia Airport, Marine Air Terminal
Roosevelt Avenue
at 75th Street
Select Bus Service
61st Street and Roosevelt Avenue
Broadway at
75th Street
61st Street and Roosevelt Avenue
Rockaway Park
Beach 116th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard
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