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This is a "work page," not a typical information or resource page. It is intended to guide planners, managers, and operators of establish structure for this wiki and for other elements of the Initiative. That being said, thoughts about this page from general users are most welcomed.

There's plenty to do, dig in.

Content & Design[edit]


  • Get better usage statistics
  • Add a neighborhood Calendar
  • Add decision support and collaboration with brainstorming support (perhaps ideologi?)
considering... the major social media sites prize the number of interactions arising from features like:
    • post comments or reactions, discussions on the forum move at a slower pace.
    • Front Porch Forum structures its conversations differently than the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor.
    • slowing the pace down to prompt users to think a bit more about what they’re saying out loud.
    • There’s no news feed with rapid-fire updates to check every couple of minutes.
    • You can fire off an angry reply to a neighbor over something they wrote — but it will show up a day later on the site. [1]
  • Add a Top of Page button at bottom of all pages.



  • Reach out to attract wiki editors and page makers.
  • Do a 'If I had this info/resource I could....' survey.
  • Engagement - outreach, conversation, collaboration..

Technical Issues[edit]

  • Assure platform independence (Miraheze)
  • There's a problem with the Open Street map on the phone version.
  • See why the drop down arrows are not visible on home page in mobile view. (temporarily fixed via transclusion.)
  • See that the mobile version comes up on both the iPhone and Android phones.
  • See that emails sent using the Mass Message feature are customized to say Jackson Heights. Here's the way a mass message arrived on August 17, 2017. Start here for an answer.
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We had a most enjoyable and productive day at Travers Park this past Sunday (August 13th). The undersigned was there with our summer intern Syed Ra...
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Training / Seminars[edit]

  • How to tell fake news on the net.

Trust: Membership and Real Residents[edit]

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  1. [h], How a Vermont social network became a model for online communities.