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The Queensboro 80-02 Northern Boulevard, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 929 296 0038

The Queensboro is a neighborhood restaurant serving Jackson Heights. It is a partnership between Jackson Heights residents Tony Liu, Michael Fuquay, and Dudley Stewart. The vision is to establish a cornerstone neighborhood restaurant in Jackson Heights, providing a high standard of food, beverage, service, and atmosphere that is delicious and accessible. The restaurant offers dinner seven nights a week and brunch service on weekends. The restaurant will be offering a full delivery service to the neighborhood.

From The Founder[edit]

"Hey the Queensboro is coming soon!" ;)

And we are super excited about it.

For those of you who might not know the story, myself (Dudley) and two other neighborhood guys have been trying to open up a great neighborhood restaurant/bar for several years. We've lived in Jackson Heights for years, we're parents of Jackson Heights kids, and we're into the Jackson Heights community - I'm part of the Jackson Heights Green Alliance that helped bring the Rory Staunton Field into existence, helped make the 78th Street Plaza a reality, etc... we're involved in Farm Spot, in our kids' schools, we hang out in the neighborhood and we love it here.

We finally found a space, signed the lease, raised some money and started construction, and then ran into delays and roadblocks. We've worked our way through them all, and we are finally almost there! Construction is completed, our partnership remains strong, and we have closed out almost all of our permits. It's difficult to say exactly when we'll be able to open our doors because the DoB works in mysterious ways, but it's definitely not a long time away now - a matter of weeks!

I must say with all sincerity that it's looking really great!

We're going to hire locals as much as possible (almost all of the resumes we've gotten so far have been from people who live nearby), we're keeping the prices reasonable, we're going to be there for small groups, big groups, parties, special occasions, afternoon snacks, brunch!!!, dinner, lunch, quick drinks, slow drinks, late night drinks, romantic dinners, family gatherings, great music at a reasonable volume, a place to hold the meetings for your community group, to plan political action, to impress a date...


Thank you! Dudley


The Queensboro has mostly Queens beers, a delicious range of crafted cocktails, with food by Chef Tony Liu who has worked as the executive chef in several Keith McNally restaurants. His food is delicious and exciting, with nods to the neighborhood as well as seasonal dishes using green market ingredients. The menu is being structured as an American style neighborhood bistro. The restaurant has a monster pizza oven that's put to good use, and not just for pizza.

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