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Our aim with The Common Voice is to provide an ethereal platform for discerning, planning, and reaching the neighborhood's most common denominator of operation.

  • Voice(s) (of or from) the Common vs. Common Voice -

Commercial social media of the Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor ilk prize the number of interactions[edit]

Interaction drivers train users to check status every couple of minutes.

  • rapid-fire updates - newsflash, ads, scroll
  • posting comments and reactions by human and AI bots
  • 24/7 with no moderation features such as the Warning !!! YOU ARE SAYING THIS OUT LOUD !!! send button

Neighborhood Friendly[edit]

High quality neighborhood communication arises from weaving the following:

  • Neutral places - There’s no news feed with rapid-fire updates every couple of minutes.
  • Delay features e.g. YOU ARE SAYING THIS OUT LOUD!!! Would you like to send a copy to your mom? Would make your mom proud?
  • You can fire off an angry reply to a neighbor over something they wrote — but it will show up a day later on the site. [1]
  • Aids in decision support and collaboration (with speak-up).


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