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How Liberals Can Reclaim Nationalism


It is a state in which all members have the same rights and opportunities irrespective of the group into which they are born or the culture to which they belong. It is a society in which people feel that they have something important in common because they seek to govern themselves together, pledge to help one another in an hour of need and recognize that these shared commitments are ultimately more consequential than any difference of color or creed. And it is a culture that does not shy away from celebrating the nobility of this collective identity — embracing the nation’s flag not because we claim never to have failed our compatriots in the past but because we aspire to realize a common future fair to all.

Do a questionnaire about the today and tomorrow of neighborhood.[edit]


  1. How many neighborhoods have you lived in?
  2. How have they differed?
  3. Would you recommend that family, friends, and colleagues move to Jackson Heights?

Research the Saxon ownership pattern, allodium or allodial, advanced by Thomas Jefferson[edit]

Allodium or allodial, see