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Help on making the LinkNYC opportunity a reality was provided by City Councilmember Danny Dromm, with the special assistance of Ivia Cardozo, Esq., Director of Constituent Services. She may be reached via or 718 803 6373 ext. 200. Ivia is now familiar with the opportunities offered by LinkNYC and should be contacted if you're thinking of using the medium for your organization.

Moving Forward With LinkNYC Kiosks[edit]

Now that we've gotten our first kiosk usage (November 18, 2017), here are some additional ideas for moving forward.

  • Identify additional kiosks for posting messages
  • Create additional messages
  • Discern advanced applications of LinkNYC kiosks using the following kiosk components
    • Cameras
    • Bluetooth
    • Key pads
  • Seek creative usage of kiosks
    • Promoting and enhancing the Selfie library
    • Using gaming ideas that encourage awareness and engagement

LinkNYC Operational and Policy Q & A[edit]


  • What time of day will be be allocated for the local ads? This is important to addressing audience and light conditions.
    • Answer: Ads go 24/7 seen every 15-20 minutes
  • With what frequency will the ads be displayed?
    • Answer: Every 15 -20 minutes


  • What are the technical specifications for media created for the kiosk displays (html/css?)?
    • Answer: .jpeg typically, width 1080 x height 1920 - 300 pix per inch

LinkNYC image size.png

  • How big is the monitor?
    • Height = 55" Width = ??"
  • How many different messages can we have?
    • Answer: Different languages on each kiosk is OK
  • How many typefaces are available, and are there restrictions on # we may use??
    • Answer: Jpeg
  • Must we strictly adhere to the 50 character message limit? Are 52 ok?
    • Answer: Not necessary, but readability declines
  • Can we alternate messages by weather / time of day?
    • Answer: No
  • Is there an API we can take advantage of?
    • Answer:
  • Will we have real-time access to modify messages?
    • Answer: No
  • To whom do we submit our message file?
    • Answer: Ay? @ Intersection

September 9, 2017 update[edit]

We've spoken with representatives of Intersection (LinkNYC is their product) and received agreement to the following:

  • We are to have access to 2 kiosks of our choosing (4 screens)
  • Length of initial trial will be 1 month
  • For this pilot we are fitting into their LinkNYC Local messaging framework, allowing for the following standards and adjustments
    • We are to pick tagline, image etc., as usual
    • We may use as business name
    • We may use as address Jackson Heights, Queens
    • They will remove hours of operation standard
    • We can include email or phone # as contact, instead of standard physical address
    • They will adjust sizing so that this all this works
  • We must sign T&C (terms and conditions)
  • We are to report back to them if our "Links" result in any usage pick-up, etc.

Initial Outreach Message for LinkNYC Kiosks[edit]

These five iterations reflect our design progression:

2017 Link Local Link LGBTQ background.jpg Test 2 sw.png Link edge LGBTQ bkgrnd final.jpg LinkNYC - Help Build digital neighborhood.png

The initial copy: "Help build our digital neighborhood. the work is underway at" was published on November 17, 2017.

Second Outreach Message for LinkNYC Kiosks[edit]

This is our second outreach message, developed with our Spanish speaking residents in mind.

2018 Link Local Spanish.jpg

Outreach Messages[edit]

The initial messages we present on LinkNYC kiosks will be two types: 1. those aimed at gaining users and 2. ones aimed at attracting contributors/editors.

Messages aimed at attracting new users (Recommended maximum (50) characters)[edit]

  • We're building a digital neighborhood.
  • Where do you fit in our digital neighborhood.
  • Make a place for yourself in our digital neighborhood.
  • Help build our digital neighborhood.
  • Help build our own digital neighborhood.

the work is underway at

Help upgrade the neighborhood's connectivity.
Give our neighborhood a digital edge.
Live in Jackson Heights? visit A new digital retrofit for the neighborhood For life in a digital age.
Retrofitting our neighborhood for these digital times.
Retrofitting the neighborhood for our digital age. Jeff
Retrofit Jackson Heights for our digital age.
Retrofit Jackson Heights for our digital times
Retrofitting our neighborhood with digital tools.
Adding a digital coat to the neighborhood.

Add your story to the neighborhood's memory
Help retrofit our neighborhood for these digital times.
Help add a digital coat to our neighborhood.
Help put a digital coat on our neighborhood.
Help design a digital coat for our neighborhood.
Help add a digital edge to our neighborhood.
Help build our neighborhood's digital history.
Help build our neighborhood's digital archive.
Add your story to our neighborhood's digital archive.

Preserve your Jackson Heights story our neighborhood's digital memory.

Don't let our neighborhood knowledge slip away.
Get our neighborhood on inside track

Messages aimed at editors (Recommended maximum (50) characters)[edit]

  • Born in Jackson Heights? Share What You Know. (44)
  • What you know about Jackson Heights is not on Wikipedia - Share What You Know
    • Image:
  • Remembering Julio Rivera...Share What You Know
    • Image:
  • Don't be greedy. Share what you know on the Jackson Heights Wiki
    • Image:
  • Empower your neighborhood. Share what you know.
    • Image:
  • If you know Jackson Heights, we want to know you.
    • Image:
 JHWikiPoster 2a.jpg

Kiosk Siting Criteria[edit]


Exhibit 4: Siting Criteria CiityBridge, LLC

The general provisions contained in this Appendix apply to all Franchise Structures including those replacing Pre-Existing PPTs.

A. General Provisions

1. Clear Path. All Franchise Structures shall be installed so as to allow a minimum of 8 feet or one half of the sidewalk, whichever is greater, of straight unobstructed path (“clear path”) for pedestrian circulation on the sidewalk. No grates or cellar doors shall be included as a part of the clear path directly in front of or behind a Franchise Structure.

2. Sight Lines. The placement of the Franchise Structures shall not interfere with pedestrian or motorist sight lines necessary for traffic safety.

3. Minimum Distance Requirements. Unless otherwise stated, distances shall be measured between the nearest points, viewed in plan, of the Franchise Structure and the specified object or element. Where a distance is required to be measured parallel to the curb line, the measurement shall be taken between the two lines perpendicular to the curb line, one touching the Franchise Structure and the other touching the specified object or element, that are closest to each other. Minimum distances shall be required between the Franchise Structure and specified elements or objects as detailed in Title 67, Chapter 6 of the Rules of the City of New York. To view the existing siting and clearance requirements please visit: Reference to clearance from bus stops in said rules shall also apply (at a minimum) to clearance from any bus stop shelters associated with such bus stops. In addition to the requirements stated in the rules, in no event shall the new Franchise Structures and Pre-Existing PPTs be allowed within the following:

a) 15’ of an outdoor or elevated subway entrance b) 15’ of street furniture with advertisement panel c) 15’ radius of a fire hydrant d) 15’ of an enclosed sidewalk café e) 5’ of standpipe or sprinkler connection, siamese connection, etc. f) 10’ of a driveway

4. Vaults. Where a vault is present, the Franchisee shall submit certification from an engineer that the installation of the Franchise Structure will in no way damage the vault.

5. Electrical Sources. Franchise Structures should be as close as possible, subject to all other distance requirements, to the source of electricity, if required for the operation of the Franchise Structure (and to any other pipes, conduits or similar structures that may be required for such operation). Such Franchise Structures that require an external electric power source may not be sited farther than 150 feet from the nearest available electric power source, unless otherwise directed by the City. The Franchisee is prohibited from using a traffic signal or Con Edison type #12 post, or any power source across a major or protected roadway, unless authorized to do so by the Department.

6. Landmarks and Historic Districts. The placement of the Franchise Structures in Historic Districts will be subject to the rules of the Landmarks Preservation Commission. No new Franchise Structure shall be erected parallel to a landmark site.

B. Special Circumstances

The Commissioner may waive or modify the above criteria in specific cases, except where prohibited by law, if, in his or her opinion, such waiver or modification is consistent with the public health, safety and general welfare. No such waiver or modification shall be granted without prior consultation with the affected Council Member, Borough President, and Community Board. Similarly, the Department may refrain from authorizing the siting of a Franchise Structure at a particular location that in the opinion of the Commissioner would result in an over-concentration of Franchise Structures.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the siting of Franchise Structures shall be subject to any applicable requirements of the New York City Administrative Code.

Local Kiosk Siting Map[edit]

The following map was current as of August 1, 2017.

Council District 25 LinkNYC locations.png

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