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Adding maps[edit]

Some historic maps would be great.

Leverich Project[edit]

Leverich Project zone.png

Project Elements[edit]

1. Rename 35th Road segment to Trains Meadow Road

2. Add historic marker and garden

3. Include Leverich Family Burial Ground

4. Include Battle of Long Island encampment

5. Connecting path

6. Official reception establishment (with rear exit to cemetery)

A Leverich Family Historian's Thoughts[edit]

From Tom Leverich of New Jersey, July 26, 2018

...I am pleased to hear from you. Your interest in the Leverich Family Burial Ground is appreciated. I am interested in any effort to preserve the burial ground site. Several previous efforts have not been successful, primarily because there is an ownership issue with the City of New York. I would like to see the site classified as a public historical site, with an application filed to qualify as a National Historical Site.

As a Leverich family historian, I would also be interested in seeing an archaeological survey conducted. Such a survey could include ground penetrating radar to locate burials, and DNA testing of remains which could provide significant information on early generations of the Leverich Family.

I can see that you have visited my web site, which also includes a narrative report of the burial ground, which provides significant additional info on the site.

So, what is your interest and your plans? I would definitely want to be part of any preservation efforts. You can add this email, or portions thereof, to your wiki at your discretion.


Next Step[edit]

Contact, Hibrados...