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Q. Is the chateau a child-friendly building? Are people allowed to walk on the grass?

A. October 2017

1) Unlike The Towers or Dunnoly Gardens, which are multiple building co-op complexes, The Chateau is comprised of about 11 buildings. Each individual building is its own financial and legal entity. The buildings share the costs of the gardening service for the common garden area and of other projects that are common to all but in most ways each individual building is a separate and distinct unit unto itself. Whether or not the building one is looking to move into is child friendly or not depends upon the makeup and the votes of the shareholders of that particular building.

2) Are people allowed to walk on the grass? No. Does it happen from time to time? Yes, but it is frowned upon. Children and adults can play in the two paved circles in the garden as well as on the walkway that forms the perimeter of the common garden area. Adults and children can also play in the plots of land that are adjacent to each building and many adults garden in this area, planting annuals or perennials. Some buildings have renovated the patio area adjacent to their buildings to be more conducive to entertaining out-of-doors. You are allowed to entertain, but not to cook, in the garden.

3)The Chateau is in the beginning phase of deciding how to modernize the Chateau Garden and of deciding if the current shareholders would like the old rules to stand or if the old garden rules should be amended. This will probably be a lengthy process.