Shoe Repair

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Cobblers, shoemakers and the like.

Columbus Shoe Repair[edit]

79-05 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 (Between Central Cafe (deli) and Appetitto.)

Open until 7 PM. Closed Sunday.

Advice and Opinion[edit]

  • Great work done quickly at a reasonable price. (From JHFamilies 3/11/209)

Super Queens-y Shoe Repair[edit]

While a tad outside of the official neighborhood border, there is an old Chinese man who does shoe repair on the sidewalk under the LIRR overpass at Broadway and Whitney Street.

Advice and Opinion[edit]

  • Maybe not right for a big job, but for small repairs it might be nice to try him. He's always busy. (From JHFamilies 3/11/209)