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This is a "work page," not a typical information or resource page. It is intended to guide planners, managers, and operators of establish structure for this wiki and for other elements of the Initiative. That being said, thoughts about this page from general users are most welcomed.
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The introduction of real names (aka surnames, family names, and last names) in modern society emerged from the need to administer a modern state. With Real Names governments could more easily serve and keep track of their citizens, track property ownership, inheritances, collect taxes, maintain court records, perform police work, conscript soldiers, control epidemics, etc.

At Real Names translates to Real Residents, and joined with moderation and accountability, creates trust.

The Goal[edit]

A key goal of the Initiative is to create a trustable resource for determining and presenting local information, and to aide in neighborhood decision making. To do so we need to effectively sort hoax, falsehood, opinion, and error from the pertinent prior to decision time. Veracity is the currency here and associating Real Names with posted content is an essential to achieving this goal. Using Real Names of Real Residents is fundamental to achieving that goal.

Real Jackson Heights Residents[edit]

Imagine you're walking down 37th Avenue and someone approaches you with some neighborhood news about an overcrowded school, a building fire... And you recognize the face, maybe even know a name to go with it. Depending on previous experiences with that person, you'll decide to pass the news on or not.

For over a century this "face-to-face" (and here I include public meetings and personal phone calls) has been our neighborhood's most trusted and influential news channel.

More recently, digital transmissions have become part of neighborhood news milieu. With the 2016 national election (Trump) demonstrating that there are huge potential flaws with digital transmissions, it behooves us to examine our own. Here we look at the naming policies of three digital services that focus on Jackson Heights and have a measure of local control.[edit][edit]

The discussion board does not require users to identify themselves. As stated in the Registration Agreement:[1]

You have the ability, as you register, to choose your username. We advise that you keep the name appropriate.

Rarely are real names selected as usernames. A September 28, 2018 review of the 100 registrants on the second of 40 pages [2] of the service's nearly 4000 registrants, showed only 7 that appeared to be "real names" - with first and last names of registrants. 93% were nicknames. And of the top 30 posters, only one used what appears to be a real name. [1] The real name policy on states in part, the following:

Respect others' privacy: Because of privacy issues, it is against the rules of the board to post anyone's full name, address, or any other personal information (e.g. email address, phone number, etc.) without permission.  The only exceptions to this are for individuals are already public figures (e.g. celebrities, elected officials), or who openly use their names on the internet (e.g. a blogger who writes under her/his own name).

JH Families Listserve[edit]

Recent Real Name Experiences[edit]

A German court ruled that Facebook's real name policy is illegal and that users must be allowed to sign up for the service under pseudonyms to comply with a decade-old privacy law. The ruling, made last month but only now being announced,	comes from the Berlin Regional Court and was detailed today by the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (abbreviated	from German as VZBV), which filed the lawsuit against Facebook.  Facebook says it will appeal the ruling, but also that it will make changes to comply with European Union privacy laws coming into effect in June, according to Reuters. "We are working hard to ensure that our guidelines are clear and easy to understand, and that the services offered by Facebook are in full accordance with the law," a Facebook spokesperson said.

Common belief holds that online behavior would improve if credentialing systems required use of real names prior to granting a posting/comment permission key. But let's be cautious, The Real Name Fallacy says this is not to be believed.Common belief holds that online behavior would improve if credentialing systems required use of real names prior to granting a posting/comment permission key. But let's be cautious, The Real Name Fallacy says this is not to be believed.

Sign-up: Keykeeper Requirements and Options[edit]

Currently, access to the asks the registrant to enter the following.

  • Username (required)
  • Password (required)
  • Confirm password (required)
  • Email address (required)
  • Real name (optional) Real name is optional. If you choose to provide it, this will be used for giving you attribution for your work, i.e., posts to the system, if not, your Username will be used.


Access Levels[edit]

Based on credentials, users may:

  • F For your consideration (in development) - a limited viewing without exchange of credentials. (Time and/or location based)
  • Read
  • Read and write
  • Read and write and moderate
  • Read and write and moderate and judge
  • Read and write and moderate and judge and govern

Development Need[edit]

We are considering shadowing pages, requiring that after a certain number of page views, access is diminished. Access level F - For your consideration.

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