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Publicly accessible restrooms (toilets) in Jackson Heights are listed on this page. Note: this does not imply ADA (handicapped) accessibility, merely that the fully ambulatory should expect to find an available toilet at the identified locations, during the hours indicated.

Fully Accessible, free, 24 hours[edit]

  • None

Fully Accessible, free, less than 24 hours per day[edit]

Fully Accessible, paid, 24 hours per day[edit]

  • Roosevelt Avenue Subway Station (in paid customer area, one level down, fare payment required)

Accessible, during business hours (less than 24 hours per day)[edit]

Most restaurants have toilets, but gaining access as a non-customer is not always easy. Advanced human engineering skills (see "Customers Only" below) help in these instances.

Fast Food - Full accessibility where open[edit]

With few exceptions, large chain fast food restaurants allow ready access to their toilets.

  • Burger King - Northern Boulevard and 69th Street
  • IHOP - Northern Boulevard and 73rd Street
  • McDonald's - Roosevelt Avenue and 76th Street
  • Starbucks - 37th Avenue between 78tha and 79th Streets
  • Wendy's - Broadway and 73rd Street, 9 AM to 1 AM
  • Wendy's - Northern Boulevard and 70th Street

"Customers Only"[edit]

Some restaurants have signs indicating that the restrooms are only available to customers. If you're not a customer, persuasion, sweet talk, or a small purchase may provide access.

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