North Queens Homeowners Civic Association

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The North Queens Home Owners’ Civic Association was founded in 1941 by Jackson Heights community activist Louis C. Moser (1904-1983). The group focused its efforts on preserving the residential character of northern Queens by preventing over-development and defending the rights and interests of homeowners. Moser also promoted both pedestrian and motorist safety in Jackson Heights; successfully petitioning for the installation of safety lighting on sidewalks and traffic lights in his community. Ten families were part of the initial membership and by the time of Mr. Moser’s death, 700 families belonged to the North Queens Homeowners Civic Association. Throughout his 42 years of civic service, Louis Moser staunchly supported the development and maintenance of parks and playgrounds in Jackson Heights.

Moser Park[edit]

In January 1953, Bulova Watch Company Inc. presented a 1.5-acre property, located on 25 Avenue between 76 Street and 77 Street, to the City of New York as a gift for use as a park. It was initially named Bulova Park in honor of its corporate donor. In 1984, a Local Law sponsored by City Council Member Peter Vallone renamed the property Louis C. Moser Park. In June 1987, the name was simplified to Moser Park.