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In addition to the Jackson Heights Wiki, there are a number of digital and print media that report on the neighborhood. It is the goal of this page to present a comprehensive view of digital, social, and traditional media serving the neighborhood.

English Language[edit]

Resident Created[edit]

  • - A free, moderated, community discussion forum serving the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, East Elmhurst, Corona, and Woodside established in October 2007. As of July 13, 2017 it had 74,641 posts in 11,934 topics made by 3,662 Members.
  • JHFamalies List is a free listserve on Yahoo Groups Links. As of October 2017 over 3,200 residents subscribed.

Commercial Media[edit]

  • The Jackson Heights Post exclusively covers news related to the Jackson Heights neighborhood. "The aim of the Jackson Heights Post is to provide readers with a day-to-day account of what’s happening in Jackson Heights, New York." The Jackson Heights Post was founded in 2014 by Christian Murray and is an arm of the Queenspost.
  • DNAInfo publishes information about Jackson Heights several times per week. It does so within the beliefs upon which it was founded: (1) News stories should be told by journalists who rely on facts, not spin. (2) News reporting should be useful, fun, and fearless. (3) A nimble news operation available across all digital platforms can attract viewers and make money.

Other Languages[edit]

The diversity of Jackson Heights is reflected in its media. Here we list media that covere aspects of Jackson Heights' neighborhood life on a regular basis.

Open Data[edit]

In addition to these social and curated media, a vast array of open data is available to follow monitored activities in the neighborhood. Thousands of city databases can be sifted and mixed to provide meaningful information and insight into our neighborhood. See them here.

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