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In 1948 Jackson Heights resident Natalie Norris saw an art exhibit at the Jackson Theater by a Nassau County artist. Outraged that the theater displayed work from Nassau County when there were many talented artists in Jackson Heights, she contacted local artists and arranged a show of their work at the same Jackson Theater. Her actions led to the formation of the Jackson Heights Art Club which has been bringing art to the neighborhood for over 60 years.

Natalie Norris was born in 1912 and died in 1997. She attended Cooper Union. While residing in Jackson Heights she lived on 80th Street and 37th Avenue.

Natalie married twice, first to Rene Cawthorne Eldon II, and later to Cornelius L Fiske. She had 2 children with Rene and 3 with Cornelius. She was a member of the Bhai faith. Her gravestone reads "Artist, Painter, Potter, Poet." [1]

Her Art Career[edit]

Natalie Norris lived and painted for many years in a cabin in the mountains of Show Low, Arizona, spending winters with family in Tucson. According to her grandson, DJ Eldon, she was passionate about her art. Many of her paintings remain in the family. She retained her maiden name on artworks.

She served as curator for The Museum in Tombstone Courthouse and owned several galleries in Tuscan. She frequently collaborated with artist Ted (Ettore) Degrazia, with one of their works a Guide for Tuscan published in the early 60's. They were very active in Tuscan area Art Society.

In March 1952 Natalie and her husband, Cornelius L. Fiske, exhibited paintings at the Fiske Art Center gallery, 351 North Court Street, Tuscon, Arizona.[2]

lgo11270 reports from of having 2 portraits by Natalie Norris: one of John Philip Clum having been featured in the book IT ALL HAPPENED IN TOMBSTONE.

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