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It's the earliest of days here on the Jackson Heights wiki, in biblical terms, a tad past separating the light from the dark. Those tolerant of chaos are encouraged to create an account, then wait a day or so to have a member status approved. Once approved you'll be able to add articles and edit posts. The less tolerant should tuck awareness of our existence away until the summer of 2017 and return then.

Welcome to the wiki.

Jackson Heights

Here residents gather information about our neighborhood's resources - events, history, organizations, people, and places. The intent is to create an information base that will serve the civic, economic, and social needs of neighborhood residents and organizations. It's similar in operation to Wikipedia but focused on consensus information about Jackson Heights. The Jackson Heights wiki is part of a broad effort to provide communication capacity and digital autonomy to our neighborhood.

The Bureaucracy Welcomes You

A bureaucracy? Well, yes and no. It's more of a governance structure for operating the wiki, for deciding on appropriate content, our operating, and business practices, and every resident is invited to be part of it.

The wiki is part of the initiative that seeks to plan, design, develop, and operate our neighborhood domain name. Inc., a NYS nonprofit, was granted the city license to operate the domain. Its goal is to transition control of the initiative to an independent nonprofit by 2020.

Finding an effective governance process - deciding who has decision making authority - will be a key factor if determining if our neighborhood can support its own information system and have a say in its future in our increasingly digital world. We need a neighborly bureaucracy that will smooth the inevitable conflicts that will arise over the wiki's content and operation. So while most neighborhood events, its history, organizations, people, and places fit comfortably, we don't want to trespass, or violate norms of personal privacy. See the "Appropriate content" and "Governance process" pages for more on this.

Editing & Edit-a-thons

Editing the Jackson Heights wiki can be tricky, but doable with a little assistance (find help here). We use the same software used by Wikipedia, so if you're an experienced Wikipedian (a Wikipedia editor), there's a zero learning curve. For the inexperienced we're arranging an edit-a-thon (training sessions).

Initial Pages

The following are the initial pages added to to wiki. Help improve them. Add more.

For a full list of pages [see here]. To request that a new page be added, go to Make This Page.

Category Pages

To speed access to resource pages, we're designing a "LINKS" feature to take users to a category pages. Here are a few we're considering.

Parks Schools People Restaurants Religious Institutions
Clubs Calendar Local Government Homeless Health Facilities
Art & Culture Historic District Improvement Projects Real Estate Outdoor Events
History Example Example Example Example
Example Example Example Example Example