Leverich Street

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Leverich Street

Leverich Street, near the south western border of Jackson Heights, is named after the Leverich Family that settled in Jackson Heights (then called New Town) in the 17th century. Reverend William Leverich arrived in Newtown in 1662. The Newtown Town Records note that on 1 April 1664, town leaders granted Rev. Leverich 12 acres of land:

 “... the towne thought it good to give to Mr. Willyam Leverich for his incorigment amongst us some meddows as lay common formerly as namly a pease of salte marshe medow lying … and because that was unkowen how much but thought not to be anough to supplye his ned it was voated and aggred to: that Mr. Willyam Levrich minister shall have twelve accers of fresh meddow layed out to him at the east ward end of the meddow called Long tranes meddow wher it shall be found most convenient for him.” 

The Leverich Family website has a wealth of raw information about Willyam Leverich and the family's settlement in what is now Jackson Heights.

Hibridos, an interdisciplinary collaborative based in Jackson Heights is working to re-envision public spaces through community-based arts practices has cleaned up the Leverich family burial ground and is converting it into a community garden.

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