Lesson Plan: Co-Named Streets

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This page presents a lesson plan for creating wiki pages about Jackson Heights streets with co-named or honorary names.

Lesson Name[edit]

Honorary Street Names on the JacksonHeights.nyc Wiki


  • Students will become familiar with local persons for which Jackson Heights streets have been named.
  • Students will learn about JacksonHeights.nyc website and how they can edit a wiki and contribute to the site.
  • Students will post the gathered information of the Jackson Heights Wiki.


Students will be asked if they have heard of three of the names for which streets have been named. If a students is familiar with the name, they will tell the class what they know. If none of the students know any of the names, the concept of honorary names will be introduced to the students. Students will be asked what they know about Wikipedia or what is a wiki.

Time necessary[edit]

5 weeks or less


Instruction Day 1[edit]

Students will be shown the Jackson Heights Wiki on a smart Board. They will be introduced to the idea of a wiki and given information about how it can be used and how all persons who can connect to the internet are collaborators on a wiki.

Students will be given a list of all the honorary names that have been assigned to streets in Jackson Heights. Students will be asked choose a name/location, collect the following information and create a file on a flash drive for each for further use on the computer;

  • A map showing the location of the street name
  • Digital image of the street sign and its setting
  • A 100 word or more history of the person and their role in Jackson Heights

Instruction Day 2[edit]

When all the students have collected the information and created files, the students will be given instruction on how to:

  • create an account on wiki.jacksonheights.nyc
  • create a page for each person selected to create a collection of information on the topic of Honorary Street Names
  • upload their information onto a wiki creating the wiki page for the person they selected
  • students will instructed on how to include code for their creation on a Category:page


Students will be shown the completion of their project on the JacksonHeights.nyc wiki Students will be encouraged to think of their own projects and contribute more to the wiki on other subjects.

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