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Wash & fold laundry, with pickup & delivery[edit]

  • Zhen Wei Laundry, 37-12 75 St, 718 396 0088. They pick up and deliver. Read the yelp reviews. I've used them for many years and never had a problem. One further comment in the event you use Zhen Wei Laundry. The couple who operate this laundry do not own it. It's owned by his uncle. For this reason, I insist they accept a tip even though they're against it.
  • Tide One, between 76th and 77th on 37th Avenue. The owner does most of the pickups and deliveries himself, they're very good and very reliable. The space has gone through a few owners over the years, but this gentleman seems to be in it for the long haul. Highly recommended.

Wash & fold laundry, WITHOUT pickup & delivery[edit]

  • Young's Laundry, 78th street, just up the street from Lemon Tree vegetable stand. The service is excellent, they fold everything nicely, and the shirts are placed on a hanger. I don't think they drop off/pickup. Now I try to buy only non-iron dress shirts, so this has eliminated my dropping shirts off at the cleaners. "Usually I drop off early Saturday morning, and I pick it up later in the day."