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Junction Playground offers a number of features: handball and basketball courts, playground equipment and swings, spray shower, entrance plazas, and landscaped areas.

Junction Park 2017 - ribboncutting day -3.png

Opening Day[edit]

The official press release issued upon reopening the playground on July 17, 2017 detailed the following changes:

The comprehensive reconstruction of Junction Playground included improvements to the handball and basketball courts, playground equipment and swings, spray shower, entrance plazas, landscape areas, perimeter walls, entrance staircases, fences, and sidewalks surrounding the park.
Outdated and heavily used play equipment was replaced with new colorful equipment that addresses the needs of various ages and abilities, while promoting fitness. Seating opportunities for caretakers are provided in the play equipment areas.
The spray shower is redesigned as a fully accessible amenity, with a variety of spray feature types and colorful ground surfaces. The spray shower is activated manually by kids on site, and is set on a seven-minute timer so that no water is wasted.
The amount of asphalt pavement in the park was significantly reduced, and replaced by decorative modular pavers. Comfortable and elegant bench seating was provided at all three site entrances for everyone’s enjoyment, where no sitting opportunities formerly existed. Landscaped areas within the park and tree pits on the sidewalk were considerably expanded to improve plant health and environmental quality of the site.
The project was funded with $1.4m from Council Member Ferreras-Copeland and $350,000 from the Borough President’s Office. The project began in April 2016 and was completed in June 2017.

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