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The Jackson Heights Green Alliance (JHGA) is an all-volunteer organization managed by a core group of local residents. Its work would not be possible without the help and support of neighbors and other community based organizations.

Countless volunteers have given their time and money to sustain its initiatives: donating sidewalk chalk and other craft materials to the 78th Street Play Street, adjacent to Travers Park, making a financial pledge for its Grow-A-Park campaign, or offering their time and skills to support its public programming efforts. All have played an essential role in keeping the JHGA a productive community-based organization. Some of these volunteers are counted in the organization's board members, past and present.

  • Zlatka Betcheva-Rothman
  • Donovan Finn
  • Munro Johnson
  • Nadine Kela-Murphy
  • Melissa Haldeman
  • Maria Hoffman
  • Munro Johnson
  • Elena Madison
  • Anthony Ng
  • Dudley Stewart
  • Georgia Southworth
  • Will Sweeney

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