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The Jackson Heights Initiative refers to an education, planning, and development effort that aims to prepare the neighborhood for changes that arise from a world increasingly shaped by digital technologies.

The initial plans for the effort can be found in the application for the city licensed JacksonHeights.nyc domain name submitted by the local nonprofit Connecting.nyc Inc. in September 2016. The Initiative was begun by Connecting.nyc Inc. with a stated goal of organizing a new, broadly representative nonprofit, to take over the effort by 2020.


The following fall within the Initiative's scope:

  • Operating the Jackson Heights wiki.
  • Training residents in editing and using the wiki.
  • Developing a website - JacksonHeights.nyc - that empowers residents to plan and organize to shape the neighborhood's future.
  • Advocating and providing Internet access to all residents.
  • Informing neighborhood residents and organization about opportunities presented by digital technologies.