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JHFamalies List is a free listserve connecting over 3,000 Jackson Heights residents. As of October 2017 the list generated about 30 emails per day. Subscribers may receive the 30 or so daily emails individually or as a digest, i.e., in batches containing about 15 messages. Emails cover a wide swath of neighborhood topics: event announcements; service recommendation requests; and sharing suggestions, e.g. excess diapers - pick them up.

How To Subscribe[edit]

  • To join or change settings online go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jhfamilies/join (Note, a Yahoo! ID is required.)
  • To visit the listserv group go to: [1]
  • To unsubscribe from JHFamalies List send an email to: jhfamilies-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com


These emails often provide information of ongoing value, e.g., dentist and plumber recommendations. However, they are not organized or readily accessible. This might be viewed as a squandering neighborhood social capital.

How can we capture the contributions of our neighbors and reuse them? Perhaps this wiki provides the opportunity.

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