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In Jackson Heights, when someone asks where they can get ice cream, it's proper to think they are referring to some form of frozen dairy desert. This page details the what's available and where you can find it.

Ice Cream[edit]


Traditional American ice cream can be found in bulk at any supermarket and in cones and cups at the following locations:

  • Jahn's - 37th Avenue between 81st and 82nd Streets. While it a a full food menu, Jahn's has a most imaginative and extensive ice cream menu.


Gelato (Italian Ice cream) - Gelato (Italian pronunciation: [dʒeˈlaːto]; plural: gelati [dʒeˈlaːti], from the Italian word gelato meaning "frozen") is Italian ice cream. Gelato is made with a base of milk, cream, and sugar, and flavored with fruit and nut purees and other flavorings. It is generally lower in fat, but higher in sugar, than other styles of ice cream. Gelato typically contains less air and more flavoring than other kinds of frozen desserts, giving it a density and richness that distinguishes it from other ice creams.

In Italy, by law, gelato must have at least 3.5% butterfat.[citation needed] In the United States, there is no legal standard of definition for gelato as there is for ice cream, which must contain at least 10% butterfat.[5]

  • Lety's - 37th Avenue between 77th and 78th Streets


  • 969 NYC Coffee - 80th Street just north of Roosevelt Avenue. Has several varieties of Japanese ice cream.

Frozen Yogurt[edit]


Kulfi /kʊlf/ is a popular frozen dairy dessert from the Indian subcontinent. It is often described as "traditional Indian ice cream."[1][2] It is popular throughout India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), and the Middle East, and widely available in Indian restaurants at the following Jackson Heights locations.

  • Kabir's Bakery on the south side of 37th Avenue between 74th and 75th Streets.

Street Ices[edit]

There are several varieties of ICES. There are the rock solid flavored ices sold in supermarkets, and several varieties of what might be called "street ices."


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