Guardians of Jackson Heights

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Guardians of Jackson Heights Information Sheet
Guardians of Jackson Heights Mural.jpg

The "Guardians of Jackson Heights" is a mural funded by Queens Council on the Arts' program Artsite in conjunction with the 82nd street Partnership.

Annabelle Popa, a Jackson Heights native, painted the 40 ft. by 10 ft. mural with a combination of spray paint and acrylic from the end of December 2018 to the beginning of January 2019. She took inspiration from the Griffins and Lions from the neighborhood that guard the entrances to various buildings and incorporated creatures from various folklore to represent the current ethnicities who live in the area. Annabelle wants to stir imagination and wonder in her viewers - so that as they walk around the neighborhood they can make their own hidden fantastical stories of the mysterious, garden-filled courtyards.

There's more about the mural on the artist's website.

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