Future of Jackson Heights' Retail Areas

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Roosevelt, 37th, 35th, Northern Boulevard, 74th, 82nd, Junction, the Jackson Heights and Bulova shopping centers... retail stores line miles of our key thoroughfares. What the future of local retail?

My Personal Thoughts by Thomas Lowenhaupt
I was reading the posts on JacksonHeightsLife.com under the Petland Discounts Closing and Three guys on Roosevelt & 79th St headings, and got to daydreaming..... Until recently I was a retail shopper. Living just off 37th Avenue and 75th Street, we hardly needed shelves or a refrigerator. How close were we?????  A few decades back I got caught with an empty box of post toastees and received a thunderous admonishment from my favorite 2nd grader. Seeking understanding and forgiveness, I encouraged him to think of our home as being as large as Scrooge McDuck's, and that backup toastees were just downstairs. He bought this.....  Recently an ailment put me on wheels. That 4 minute toastee sprint would now take a half hour. And I've started using Amazon. Should the lord repair my body I won't be doing sprints.....  So what fills those AMAZONED store fronts?????  TBC
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