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Share What You Know[edit]

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Help raise neighborhood awareness by sharing information about its unknown history, local lore, culture, events, organizations, people, favorite spots, and personal stories. Contribute to the civic, economic, and social needs of neighborhood residents and organizations. Participate. Add on our Wikipedia-like collaboration. Add a little or a lot. Make a difference!

First Pages[edit]

The following were the first pages added to the wiki. All can benefit from more local knowledge. Help improve them.

See All Pages[edit]

See a full list of the pages created since the site's initiation in March 2017.

Make A New Page[edit]

Add a new page to the wiki by typing the page name into the below box, then click the Make This Page button. (If the page already exists, you'll be taken to it. How nice is that?)

Special Focus Pages[edit]

Creatively developed, these pages would make Jackson Heights a more livable neighborhood. Help out.