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The Internet was built by collaborators who imagined it a neighborly effort, one that would be used by responsible adults. They were not aware that it would serve as the backbone for a global communications network, and that Beelzebub and Godzilla would have ready access.

The blockchain technology offers a workaround to some security lapses in today's Net with benefits to identity, trust, organization, civic development, and more - see the Layer Cake 2 graphic. Coherently introduced, blockchain offers a stabilizing and empowering foundation plank for the creation of a healthier neighborhood.

The Blockchain and Jackson Heights[edit]

We are currently using the collaborative MediaWiki software as an information baseline or foundation for local decision making. We anticipate adding blockchain technology to facilitate an identity system that will foster accountability and the development of trust.

  • With trust, residents can more readily add community to the neighborhood.
  • With trust, residents can participate in believable voting.
  • With trust, we can create a neighborhood currency.
  • With trust, we can use this currency to foster civic engagement.
  • With trust, we can use this currency to enable neighborhood media.

The category links at this page's bottom connect to wiki pages that ponder the use of blockchain technology to better Jackson Heights.


One of the initial areas where the blockchain can benefit is in providing a trusted identity with advantages in:

  • Memberships
  • Accountability
  • General Trust

Possible providers include Blockstack, Solid, and uPort.

Tech Package[edit]

As of the Spring 2018, the tech package enabling this initiative will include:

  • Steemit - A cryptocurrency based on Steem blockchain. Think Reddit but with user recompense. Upon signup one is given some tokens.
  • Core Ethereum with proof of stake
  • Wallet

Membership Levels[edit]

See the Membership Form.

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