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Jackson Heights' does not have any "official" boundaries. It is not a city, state, or federal geographic entity and has no formal government. There are many opinions as the neighborhood's borders.

The Several Visions of Jackson Heights[edit]

The Jackson Heights neighborhood's origin stems from a real estate development venture led by Edward A. MacDougall in the early part of the 20th century. Today MacDougall's dream exists within a city designated Historic District with distinct boundaries. (See Map 1. City Historic District).

When an initiative to recognize the special features of the MacDougall development was undertaken in the 1980s, some thought the selected area was too narrow, and that MacDougall's larger vision should be recognized. This effort led to the designation of a broader Jackson Heights National Historic District. (See Map 2. National Historic District.)

Still others believe Jackson Heights should be defined by the delivery area used by the United States Postal Service. (See Map. 3 USPS.)

With a slight exception for the Post Office delivery zone, none of these take in any land north of Northern Boulevard, an area that once held Holmes Airport, the city's first commercial airport, the North Ridge and South Ridge coops, and several thousand single family residences.

Greater Jackson Heights[edit]

In 2015 asked city residents to draw what they imagined to be their neighborhood's borders, see Draw Where You Think Your Neighborhood Borders Are. For the most part, the Initiative uses the expansive borders identified by the DNAinfo project - see Map 4. DNAinfo Consensus below, and refers to the area as Greater Jackson Heights - see Map 5. Greater Jackson Heights.

We also invite the creation of pages on nearby events, issues, organizations, people, places, etc., with "nearby" meaning an easy walk, stone's throw, or shouting distance.

The below is an interactive map of Greater Jackson Heights created using Open Street Map.

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