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This page details a proposal to turn two blocks of 75th Street, between 35th Avenue and 37th Road, to Bus & Bike-Only use between 7-10 AM and 4-7 PM. (75th Street residents with vehicles would be provided with Bus-Only resident placards to place in their auto's windows, allowing access during the limited access hours. Emergency vehicles will also have access.)


To improve neighborhood traffic flow, three bus routes were rerouted from 73rd Street to 75th Street in 2010. This change had a positive impact on the neighborhood, but a negative impact on 75th Street residents.


This changed traffic configuration offers several benefits:

  • By reducing access, it speeds local buses to the Roosevelt Avenue terminal benefiting commuters.
  • It aids auto flow by redirecting passenger vehicles to less congested adjacent streets.
  • It improves the quality of life of residents living on those two blocks by improving air quality, reducing congestion, and noise.

Bus Routes[edit]

The existing 75th Street bus routes are:

  • Q47 - Atlas Mall to LaGuardia Airport Main Term; Via Atlas Mall / 80th Street / 74th Street Bus Terminal
  • Q49 - East Elmhurst to Jackson Heights 74th Street Bus Terminal
  • No Passenger Line - Passenger-less buses dead-heading to the 74th Street Bus Terminal.

Public Officials[edit]

The following public officials and entities represent the area:

Operational Staff[edit]

The following departments will be involved:

  • NYC Department of Transportation

Local Business Entities[edit]

  • 75th Street parking lot
  • Montclair Gardens Co-op
  • Little India Merchants

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