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Third Level Domain - pizza.jacksonheights.nyc.png

By reserving the 385 neighborhood domain names and requiring detailed applications and license agreements from applicants, city hall established tight control over these 385 second level domain names. We have the opportunity to create similar control over 3rd Level Domain Names.

Second level vs. "Secondary" levels[edit]

Our Pizza.JacksonHeights.nyc graphic above shows the 2nd level (JacksonHeights) and 3rd level (Pizza) domains. But there can be far more levels than that. While seldom used there can be a 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, all the way up to 127th level of domain names. In total these comprise “secondary-level” domain names. (An explanation on the domain name system (DNS) and the rules governing the use of these 127 levels can be found in Wikipedia.)

The Chrysalis[edit]

One of the promising and interesting opportunities neighborhood domain names offer arises through the development of these secondary-level domain names. Seldom used on the commercial Internet, we see the secondary-levels as a Chrysalis within the domain name system, with a Monarch awaiting emergence.

The secondary-level names add an intuitive layer to the naming system. They build upon what’s already in our heads. This wiki used the 3rd level domain wiki.JacksonHeights.nyc. The graphic above shows the word “Pizza” being used in a 3rd level in the “Pizza.JacksonHeights.nyc.” It doesn’t take an Einstein to imagine where “Optometrists.JacksonHeights.nyc” or “Supermarkets.JacksonHeights.nyc” might lead.

Thoughtfully allocated and introduced, these names offer advantages to dotNeighborhood operators, name purchasers, users, and the neighborhood as a whole.

  • For dotNeighborhood operators, e.g. JacksonHeights.nyc, they offer the potential of revenue. Will entrepreneurs pay $100 a year for the right to develop Pizza.JacksonHeights.nyc, Restaurants.JacksonHeights.nyc, or DrugStores.JacksonHeights.nyc?
  • Will a local retailer like JacksonHeights’s Tonys Pizza pay $20 a year that the marketing channel “Tonys.Pizza.JacksonHeights.nyc” represents (showing the 4th level "Tonys")? We hope so. Note: Name sales might be facilitated by use of the Etherium Name Service system.
  • Internet users benefit from what is in essence a digital transplant of New Yorkers mental map that the secondary-level names represent.
  • And with neighborhood buy-in (wiki-like with moderated comments, reviews, and ratings) these secondary names will create a trusted resource for residents and visitors alike, and a way to traverse a sea of questionable services that plague today’s Internet.

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