2017 End of Year Report

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This is a "work page," not a typical information or resource page. It is intended to guide planners, managers, and operators of JacksonHeights.nyc establish structure for this wiki and for other elements of the JacksonHeights.nyc Initiative. That being said, thoughts about this page from general users are most welcomed.
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This report covers year #1 for the JacksonHeights.nyc Initiative, the entity overseeing the development of JacksonHeights.nyc, this wiki, and related digital resources.

The premise is that the neighborhood's 100,000 residents have been empowered by the Internet to navigate the future for their mutual benefit.

End of Year Statistics[edit]

Our wiki got off to a good start. As of December 31, 2017 it had:

Summer Outreach[edit]

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Mid-summer we set up a table at Greenmarket to let our neighbors the system had been activated, to encourage them to read and write to the wiki, and to listen.

One question asked set us on an exploration. "Why do you do that's not done by JacksonHeightsLife.com or JHFamalies?" Permanence was my response, and recently we put up a page that instantiates the idea, see ISPs.

It seems every other day there's a rash of suggestions as to good local carpenters, dentists, tutors... with the info lost to the ether soon thereafter. We hope 2018 will enable a protocol for retaining useful and helpful "directory" info.

Essential Projects for 2018[edit]

  • We've got to add pages to the wiki, our neighborhood's historic memory and base for decision-making.
  • We've got to improve the pages that are on the wiki.
  • Institutionalization
    • Make a start on the transition of control from Connecting.nyc Inc. to a locally controlled not for profit, perhaps JacksonHeights.nyc Initiative Inc.
    • Plug away on wiki access classes, privacy, standards

In The Weeks Ahead[edit]

  • Start a Co-Named Streets project with local students.
  • Hold an initial Governance transition meeting.
  • Share What You Know... every day valuable info is shared on Jackson Heights Life and the JHFamalies Listserve. We've got to start capturing, organizing, and preserving that info.
  • Develop a plan for ongoing use of LinkNYC kiosks for marketing.

Potential Projects[edit]

We've identified several projects that seem doable. While quite early in their formation these include:

  • Our neighborhood had a loss in 2017 when DNAinfo went out of business. We're trying to imagine if we can develop some form of neighborhood media.
  • Transportation - Self-driving cars are coming and will have an immense impact on our neighborhood. Currently we are being asked about the location of shared vehicle parking spaces in our neighborhood - see this Carshare page. Can we imagine a more comprehensive shared vehicle plan that encompasses more of our transportation needs?
  • Senior care - See Norc.
  • And we will continue our exploration of a token-based neighborhood network and its many potential benefits.

Business Brief[edit]

In 2017 we received a $1,000 donation from a local nonprofit. And we got real lucky when our $40 investment (to provide us with capacity to explore the blockchain technology and incidentally receive bitcoin contributions) exploded to nearly $2,000 in value. So we start 2018 with about 5K in the bank.