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This page highlights new ideas that might benefit our neighborhood. Post yours or add to those below.

75th Street Bus & Bike-Only Proposal

Screenshot-2018-6-2 Bus lanes and bus-only streets nidirect.png

Turn two blocks of 75th Street, between 35th Avenue and 37th Road, to Bus & Bike-Only use between 7-10 AM and 4-7 PM. (75th Street residents with vehicles would be provided with Bus-Only resident placards to place in their auto's windows, allowing access during the limited access hours.)

This changed traffic configuration offers several benefits:

  • By reducing access it speeds local buses to the Roosevelt Avenue terminal.
  • It aids auto flow by redirecting autos to less congested street.
  • It improves the quality of life of residents on those two blocks (air quality, congestion, noise).

Background - To improve neighborhood traffic flow, three bus routes were rerouted from 73rd Street to 75th Street in 2010. This change is believed to have a positive impact on the neighborhood, but a negative impact on 75th Street residents.

For details see the full 75th Street Bus & Bike-Only Proposal.

A Small Index for the Wiki's Home Page

This "INDEX" is a catchall of portals and new ideas that is being considered for use on the Home page and throughout the site.

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Economics & Jobs


  • Augmented Reality - Start a class/project/program which teaches residents and organizations how to design and develop augmented reality. Such capabilities would assist with the development of tourism resources: think Little India, Holmes Airport, or the Historic District. This might be part of a preparing for the future campaign.


Life Style Enhancements

  • Ageing In Place - This is a term used to describe a situation that enables a person to continue living in the residence of their choice, for as long as they are able, as they age. This includes being able to have any services (or other support) they might need over time as their needs change. See these resources and the Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities Norc page for more.


Make the LinkNYC kiosks work for our neighborhood. Prepare maps showing the reach of the wi-fi signal and means of accessing the 55" public display screens for presenting local public interest messages.


Several "tourism worthy" aspects of the neighborhood exist. The augmented reality technology offers the opportunity to highlight these.

Toward A More Beautiful Neighborhood

The ever present Jackson Heights Beautification Group has helped make JH a more livable neighborhood for decades. What further beautification tasks might they or others undertake?

Cars for cash on Roosevelt Avenue.jpg
  • Eliminate the "Donate You Car" and "Cars for Cash" signs illegally posted on our neighborhood's public infrastructure. As they all have phone numbers, the entities responsible for their posting would seem easy to identify. Yet they've marred our neighborhood for decades. What would it take to eliminate this blight? Who might lead a campaign to further beautify our neighborhood?
  • Adopt A Mailbox - Waiting for the USPS to remove graffiti from a street mailbox can test the patience of Job. One formerly graffiti laden box on 75th Street was adopted by a nearby resident who decided that he's keep it graffiti free. He purchased a can of green spray paint and covers the graffiti before "admiring eyes" have a chance to see it. There are dozens of boxes in the neighborhood awaiting adoption.

Toward a More Connected Neighborhood

See Toward a More Connected Neighborhood about how to create a meaningful , it requires a robust communication system. However, New York City neighborhoods have never had that luxury.

This page's premise is that our digital times offer an opportunity to create an effective neighborhood focused media that enhances the civic health and livability of Jackson Heights.


  • Improved transportation system, from and to mass transit and shopping. See how a Canadian town that wanted an improved transit system "Hired Uber".
  • Sharing cars
    • ZipCar short term rental
    • Getaround enables you to rent your car during idle times
    • RelayRides lets you do the same with GM as a partner.