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Strive Together: A Question of Direction - On addressing our children's education needs, might we consider emulating Strive Together, with its motto "Every Child. Cradle to Career." It's a national movement to improve educational outcomes in communities across America. StriveTogether is a national, nonprofit network of 70 communities using a rigorous approach to accelerate progress and sustain success in education. They provide coaching, connections and resources to local partnerships and work together to measurably improve six results from cradle to career. See this this summary report on Strive Together by David Brooks.

We have a variety of public, private, and parochial schools in Jackson Heights from pre-K through college. As well, we have specialized schools. This page lists and links to detailed pages about those schools.


School Name Address Phone Number
PS 2 Alfred Zimberg 75-10 21st Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 (718) 728-1459
PS 69 JACKSON Heights School 77-02 37TH AVE, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 (718) 424-7700
IS 145 JOSEPH PULITZER 33-34 80TH ST, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 (718) 457-1242
PS 148 P.S. 148 Queens 89-02 32ND AVE, EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369 (718) 898-8181
PS 149 CHRISTA MCAULIFFE School 93-11 34TH AVE, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 (718) 898-3630
PS 212 P.S. 212 School of CyberScience and Literacy 34-25 82ND ST, JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY 11372 (718) 898-6973
PS 222 CHRISTOPHER A SANTORA School 86-15 37TH AVE, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 (718) 429-2563
PS 228 P.S. 228 Early Childhood Magnet School Of The Arts 32-80 93RD ST, EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369 (718) 899-5799
IS 230 School for Civics in the Community 73-10 34TH AVE, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 (718) 335-7648
IS 227 LOUIS ARMSTRONG School 32-02 JUNCTION BLVD, EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369-2454 (718) 335-7500
Renaissance Charter School Renaissance Charter School 35–57 81st Street Queens, New York 11374 718-335-7648


School Name Address Phone Number
Garden School 73-16 79th Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 718 335 6363


School Name Address Phone Number
Blessed Sacrament School 34-20 94th Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 718 446 4449
St Gabriel School 26-26 97th Street, East Elmhurst, NY 718 426 7170
St. Joan of Arc 35-27 82nd Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 718 639 9020
Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School 71-06 31st Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY 718 898 3800
Our Lady of Fatima School 25-38 80th Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11370 718 429 7031

Higher Education[edit]

School Name Address Phone Number
Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology 86-01 23rd Avenue, East Elmhurst, NY 11369 718 429 6600

Specialized Schools[edit]

School Name Address Phone Number
Lexington School & Center for the Deaf 26-26 75th Street, East Elmhurst, NY 11370-1497 718 350 3270
A J Taxi School 72-19 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 718 335 8294


Pre K does NOT have zones. Enrollment is completely different from public school Kindergarten. Pre K has a combination of Department of Education and privately run providers such as 82nd Street Academic or Garden School.

Some of our local zoned public schools have preK seats, but due to the massive overcrowding of Jackson Heights' schools, the city contracts out most preK seats.

Education Issues[edit]

Long Term Pre-K Problem[edit]

It's said that with the introduction of full day pre-K and now 3-K, we need 3 more schools in Jackson Heights to fit all the 3 and 4 year olds. Most often the city just hires private contractors to fill the gap. A solution to this problem will require neighborhood engagement and support from city and state representative.

Rezoning Q398[edit]

Rezoning map Q398.png
  • A new school building, Q398, is scheduled to open at 69-01 34th Avenue for the 2019 - 2020 school year. It will serve approximately 476 elementary students. See the June 18, 2018 draft rezoning plan here: File:Rezoning presentation-1.pdf

School Advocacy Organizations[edit]

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