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Seven bus routes pass through Jackson Heights. This page focuses on the Q32.

The Q32 bus is a local service that begins at 82 Street and Northern Boulevard and terminates at West 32nd Street and Seventh Avenue, adjacent to Manhattan's Pennsylvania Station. It returns to Jackson Heights starting from West 32nd Street and Seventh Avenue and terminates at 81st Street and 34th Avenue. The bus passes through the Victor A. Moore Bus Terminal at Roosevelt Avenue and 74th Street in Jackson Heights, where it connects with the E, F, M, R and 7 trains.

Q32 Live Route Map[edit]

Below is a "Picture" of the Q32 bus route map at 2:30 PM on August 18, 2017. Buses are represented by circled bus icons. The graphic shows 14 buses on the route at that point.

Click on the map to see a live version of the Q32 route as provided by the MTA. The MTA's live map refreshes every 15 seconds.

Q32 bus route map - August 18, 2017.png

Q32 Bus Stops View[edit]

View a real-time location of Q32 buses on a stop by stop basis using the MTA's Bus Time site. The below graphic of the Q32's Bus Time view shows the location of buses on the Madison Avenue section of the route.

Apps for MTA Bustime are available on both iPhone and Android. MTA.info/bustime. Using SMS one can send a text to 51123 indicating the bus stop's code (stopcode) and (for best results) bus route.

MTA Bustime Q32 - small.png

Q32 History[edit]

Q32 15 bus story in NYT.png

The Fifth Avenue Coach Company (FACC) began operating the bus line on July 9, 1925 as its #15 bus. The bus route was authorized by a Board of Estimate resolution of July 1, 1925 to carry passengers between Manhattan and Jackson Heights via the Queensboro Bridge.

The fare was ten cents with free transfers valid at Roosevelt Avenue and Penn Station. The first bus departed from Jackson Heights at 7:00 AM and the last one departed from Fifth Avenue and 25th Street at 11:27 PM.

The route was taken over by the MTA's Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority on March 22, 1962 and named the M32.[1] On July 1, 1974 [2][3] when it was renamed the Q32.[4] The Q32 travels between Manhattan and Queens via the Queensboro (Ed Koch) Bridge.

A careful reading of the New York Times story of July 10, 1925 reporting on the route's origination, stated that the line originated on 25th Street in Jackson Heights and terminated on 25th Street in Manhattan. [5][6] [6] Note that in 1925 today's 82nd Street was named 25th Street.

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  • View a real-time location of Q32 buses on a stop by stop basis, see the MTA's Bus Time site.
  • The current printable schedule of Q32 bus arrivals and departures at each stop, along with a map and connections is available here.
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