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Imagining A More Livable Neighborhood

This site exists for the public interest, not for profit. Jackson Heights' residents decide what's on it and how it can be used to better the neighborhood's future.

Share What You Know

Help raise neighborhood awareness by sharing information about its unknown history, local lore, culture, events, organizations, people, favorite spots, and personal stories. Contribute to the civic, economic, and social needs of neighborhood residents and organizations. Participate. Add on our Wikipedia-like collaboration. Add a little or a lot. Make a difference!

First Arrivals

The following were the first pages added to the wiki. Some require more local knowledge. Help improve them.

See All Pages

Many pages have been created since the site's initiation in March 2017. See a list of all the wiki's pages.

Make A New Page

Add a new page to the wiki by typing the page name into the below box, then click the Make This Page button. (If the page already exists, you'll be taken to it. How nice is that?)

Special Focus Pages

Creatively developed, these pages would make our neighborhood more livable. Add your thoughts.

Editing & Edit-a-thons

While adding a page to the wiki is fairly easy, editing them can be tricky. We use the same software used by Wikipedia, so for an experienced "Wikipedian" (a Wikipedia editor), there's a zero learning curve. For the inexperienced we're arranging an edit-a-thon (a training session). These can be arranged for groups or individuals. Email to indicate your interest.


This site is part of the Initiative. Its goal is to help residents use the Internet to improve the quality of life in the Jackson Heights neighborhood.

Adding digital support for a 100 year old neighborhood is pioneering work, with finding an effective governance process - deciding who has decision making authority and how it is implemented - a key factor in determining success. A neighborly collaboration is needed to smooth the inevitable conflicts that will arise over questions such as the wiki's content and operation. See the Governance process page to learn how you can participate.

The NYS not for profit Inc. was granted the city license to develop the domain. Its 3-year mission is to help residents plan and develop and transition control to an independent, locally controlled nonprofit by 2020.

City Data Feeds and Lookup Modules