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== Neighborhood Note ==
== Neighborhood Note ==
The Art Club provides a range of volunteer opportunities each year including organizing and curating art shows. Contact club chair Martin Maier to learn about opportunities: 718 426 9821
The Art Club provides a range of volunteer opportunities each year including organizing and curating art shows. Contact club chair Martin Maier to learn about opportunities: 718 426 9821.
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* [[Jackson Heights Art Club]]
==External Links==
==External Links==

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The Jackson Heights Art Club has been bringing art to the neighborhood for over 60 years. The club is run by volunteers pitching in to create an opportunity for anyone to take an art class while getting to know their neighbors and making a friend.

The Club offers classes in oil and acrylic, watercolor, drawing to children and adults. It operates with membership dues, donations (it holds 501(C)(3) status with the IRS), and grants.


To elevate the spirit of art in the community with education, exhibitions and activities, from toddlers to seniors, while cultivating acceptance and diversity, carving a path to unity.

The Studio

The club's studio is located at St.Marks Church, 33-50 82nd Street, Jackson Heights, NY, 11372.


The club was founded in 1948 when a local artist, Natalie Norris, saw an exhibit by a Nassau County artist at the Jackson Theater (then located on 82nd Street). Outraged that the theater displayed work from Nassau County when there were so many talented artists in Jackson Heights, she contacted other local artists and arranged a show of Jackson Heights artists at the same Theater.

Over the decades the organization has changed, but the roots of the organization has stayed the same, to support art in Jackson Heights. The Club offers classes in watercolor, drawing, oil, and acrylic. It offers these classes to children and adults.

In the future the Club hopes to expand its class schedule to include classes for toddler/parents, portfolio preparation for teenagers, and more children’s classes.

Membership is open to everyone and provides a substantial discount on classes, shows, and art supplies. It allows you to attend all of our events.


The following are now or were once instructors at the club.

Despina Argyros

At a very young age, Despina Argyros began to draw whatever she saw and with the help of her grandmother, also an artist. She studied art in Greece, as well as at the YMCA, Flushing, NY, took portrait classes with Basil Baylin, NYC, The Jackson Heights Art Club, Jackson Heights, NY, and the Parsons School of Design, NYC, earning her an AAS Degree.

Although she paints a variety of subjects, such as still life, landscapes and floral, her favorite is portraits of people and animals. She works mainly from photos and some from real life. Her three most used mediums are oils, watercolors, and pencils. She has exhibited at Queens College, Hellenic Cultural Center, Astoria, NY, Novo Restaurant, Jackson Heights, NY, and the Jackson Heights Art Club, Jackson Heights, NY.

She teaches art to children and portraiture to adults at the Jackson Heights Art Club, and also at Regal Heights, a rehabilitation center, as Recreation Leader.

Despina was featured in the Art Calendar Magazine, in December 2008 issue under the column, ”MAKING THE LEAP,” on radio station Cosmos FM 9l.5, and has received numerous awards.

Yuka Imata

Yuka Imata is a New York based portrait painter, who grew up in Sapporo, Japan. She went to Boston, Massachusetts where she attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Also, in her junior year, she was accepted to a semester course at the Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, Italy.

After earning her BFA, she moved to New York to study at the Art Students League of New York. Upon completion of a painting certificate program in 2006, she was awarded two grants: the Phyllis H. Mason Grant and the Xavier Gonzales and Ethel Edwards Travel Grant. These grants allowed her to study independently in Spain for six months in 2008. Her experience of duplicating a painting by Velázquez in Prado Museum (Madrid, Spain) and Spanish landscape paintings were featured in American Artist Magazine.

Yuka’s work has been shown in numerous selected group and solo exhibitions in the U.S, Italy, and Japan.

Eric March

Eric March is a Long Island City based artist and teacher. Originally from Illinois, Eric came to New York in 2001 after completing his BFA at Indiana University. In New York he studied privately with Andy Reiss and at the Art Students League. In 2006 and 2009 Eric gave solo shows of his cityscapes at Park Slope Gallery in Brooklyn. Recent awards include the Provincetown Dune Shack Residency (2011) and the Hudson River Fellowship for landscape painting (2010). Other honors include two juror awards at the NYU Small Works Show, Gawker Artist, and the Indiana University Creative Activity Grant for study in Florence. He is represented by Park Slope Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and Studio21south in North Adams, MA.

Eric taught oil painting and watercolor at the club from 2009-2011. See a portfolio of his work on his website.

Olga Rogachevskaya

Olga Rogachevskaya grew up in Kharkov, Ukraine. She moved to New York in 1998. Olga has been a professional artist for more then 10 years. She graduated from Kharkov Art Industrial Institute and Parsons School of Design.

Olga is an award-winning artist. In 2011 Olga has been awarded with the Department of Cultural Affairs Grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC). BAC granted this award to produce a series of oil portraits to exhibit in Brooklyn Public Libraries. In 2009 she received another grant to create “Subway Journey: a home away from home” block print series, which was exhibited at the Brooklyn Central Library and ICO Gallery in New York. Olga’s works have also been featured in newspapers and on television.

The choices Olga makes as an artist are at times logical and deliberate. Other times, they are purely emotional. She believes that the purpose of art is to share what we feel and how we see this world as individuals. Olga is always looking for new challenges and new ways to share her vision.

Al Wasserman

Al Wasserman is a native New York artist and teacher. He studied at the Art Students League with Charles S. Chapman, the National Academy of Design with Sidney E. Dickinson and Ivan Olinsky, and at the American Army University at Biarritz, France. Al has received many prizes and awards from organizations such as Allied Artists of America, Audubon Artists, and Salmagundi Club.

Al’s art has been exhibited around the country in places such as The Butler Art Institute (Ohio), Ogunquit Art Center (Maine) and the American Masters Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club (New York). His collections include The Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection at Brown University in Rhode Island, the Peters Collection in New York City and the Gibbs Smith Collection in Utah.

Al is affiliated with many organizations including the National Art League, the Art Students League and American Watercolor Society. He is an honorary member of the Allied Artists of America and the Jackson Heights Art Club, where he has been teaching oil painting (portrait, still life, composition) since 1955. He also teaches at the Educational Alliance.


Martin Maier, Chair
The Jackson Heights Art Club, Inc.
33-50 82nd Street, Lower Level, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Phone: 718 426 9821

Neighborhood Note

The Art Club provides a range of volunteer opportunities each year including organizing and curating art shows. Contact club chair Martin Maier to learn about opportunities: 718 426 9821.

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