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This is a work page, not a typical information page. It is intended to guide administrators, managers, and operators to plan and establish structure for this wiki and That being said, thoughts from general users are most welcomed. Layer Cake.png

The Initiative is an education, planning, and development effort working to prepare the neighborhood for changes that arise from a world increasingly shaped by digital technologies. Its premise is that today's society requires Internet access and strong user skills for civic participation, acquiring an education, finding a job, accessing public information... And while the Initiative's genesis arises from digital change, the tools and capabilities can assist with all manner of society's needs.

The initial plans for the effort can be found in the application for the city licensed domain name submitted by the local nonprofit Inc. in September 2016.

One Initiative goal is to organize a new, broadly representative nonprofit, to take responsibility for the effort by 2020. These "work" pages describe the Initiative's inner workings, with the Governance Process page focused on the 2020 transition.


The following fall within the Initiative's scope:

  • Operating, its wiki, and other digital resources.
  • Training residents in editing and using these resources.
  • Developing features that empower residents to plan and organize to shape the neighborhood's future.
  • Advocating and educating to assure that all residents have Internet Access.
  • Informing neighborhood residents and organizations about opportunities presented by digital technologies.

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