Free Media vs. Freedom Media

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What's the impact of free media on the neighborhood? On our psyches? On our economy?

Here we explore that question by learning from different "frees" as in free software, free beer, and free media. Free as in beer" (gratis, freeware) and "free as in speech" (libre, open source) were adopted.

Freedom Media[edit]

Daniel Pimienta,responding to Sally Burch"s article, La invasión digital de los cuerpos y las mentes Versión para impresión in Spanish.) wrote...

My personal vision[edit]

> is that what you describe is the natural and logical consequence of the fact that Google managed ten years ago to\ impose, as the unique and exclusive business model for the Internet, indirect revenues by advertisment instead of direct revenues from service fee. This indirect revenue model logically triggered the use of (as much as possible) private users data to feed the advertisment business and it managed to progressively transformed the users into the product for that business. Additionaly it pushed (with the help of Facebook) the syndrom of users becoming (self) advertisers agent to its limit, feeding the social networks business and philosophie with, as consequence, in a context of paradoxical anonimity (paradox of the opposite of anonimity between users and business providers who know more about ourselves than we do (!) and total anonimity between users), transforming social networks into a perfect vehicle for fake news, hate and racism where "fame", which is measured in number of likes or hits, favors the strongest ruthless voice against sensible ones.

We (civil society) have been[edit]

>quite naive not to understand that the "no free lunch" syndrom was eventually going to destroy our utopias with the Internet and leave this happen by confusing free and freedom (we have lost our freedom on the name of free services). I am afraid that the only way to reverse the situation would be to come to a fee system where information and services are paid their just price and no information about the buyer is kept during the transaction. Is it reversible? I dont know but obviously it would not be easy now that this business model have totally invaded the virtual world.

Whether people agree or not[edit]

> with that vision is not the point I would like to make here but rather ask this question : why civil society people having work for years in/for the Internet do not enter into a creative dialog to diagnose the situation I find solutions before it is too late. By the way I consider that the Internet Governance game has played its role in dividing civil society and hiding the real challenges to face in an agenda which was not written by us.

I realize[edit]

>that what i am writing is quite depressing (The Internet blues as somebody wrote) but we need to switch from depression into pression and i dont see the signals.

Monetising Free Media[edit]

I'm the guy here at with the duty to use GoogleFaceboook and Twitter to drawer "eyes" to our endeavor's creations and achievements. I stubbornly avoid both, using personal email. As a consequence, I'm frequently negligent in reaching my audience.

It did happen long ago and far away...and when I'd hit enter for the last time starting a marketing campaign, a bell rings and a bout of guilt follow. I console myself - "We never pay with U.S. currency." But I did use $100 in Google currency to place Google search ads.

A far more current, relevant, and juicy feeding the beast story relates to AOC's Instagram account. The Times said she Instagrammed her 1,900,000 followers. What numbers can one relate to on AOC's Instagram account? (in January 2019 there were 2 million}.

  • How does Facebookenjoy benefit from that?
  • How many ads do they sell/place during that outreach?
  • How many local ads could be found in those 2 million sold?
  • What would it cost to message those 2 million?

And what's a responsible neighbor to do? Is there a local option?

Thomas Lowenhaupt 16:30, 23 January 2019 (EST)

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