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Logo connecting.jpg Inc. is a NYS corporation founded in April 2006 to advance the development of the .nyc TLD (top level domain). It works to better the public interest, not for profit.

With the city's acquisition of .nyc in 2012 and its activation in 2014, Connecting's mission morphed to roles that now include:

  • Advocating at city hall and elsewhere for the ongoing development of the .nyc TLD as a public interest resource. In this capacity two members of Connecting's board of directors served on the Mayor's .NYC Community Advisory Board. The board was dissolved in 2015 and we today advocate for its reinstatement.
  • The planning, design, and development of the domain.
  • Advising cities globally through its special consultative status at the United Nations (i.e., Inc. is recognized by the U.N. as an NGO) on the utility of city-TLDs as public interest resources.
  • Advancing the interests of individual Internet users to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) through its role as an At-Large Structure.

To facilitate these roles actively participates with ICANN as an At-Large Structure, the New York Internet Society, GISMO, and the Wikimedia-NY Foundation.

Learn more about the Inc. at this web page.

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