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This is a "work page," not a typical information or resource page. It is intended to guide planners, managers, and operators of JacksonHeights.nyc establish structure for this wiki and for other elements of the JacksonHeights.nyc Initiative. That being said, thoughts about this page from general users are most welcomed.
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The JacksonHeights.nyc Initiative's mission is to create a healthy and livable neighborhood. In an era when misinformation and disinformation are shaking the very foundations of our democracy, we must improve the civic infrastructure by empowering residents with the ability and opportunity to effectively use digital resources.

Access and Governance[edit]

All may read but only registered members may present concerns, events, opportunities, test ideas, and record neighborhood history.

Members govern and support JacksonHeights.nyc's operation. Memberships range from gratis (just complete a membership request form) to $100 per year. Users - those without a member account - may access JacksonHeights.nyc as they might a town square, library, or message board. However, to foster transparency and connectivity we only allow members to edit.

The Initiative's formal plans can be found in our application for the city-licensed domain JacksonHeights.nyc as submitted by the local not for profit Connecting.nyc Inc. in September 2016. One key point to note from that application: There's a commitment by Connecting.nyc to hand off this wiki and related resources to a new, independent, broadly representative not for profit, to govern the effort by 2020. Learn more about shaping our future.

Project Scope[edit]

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In 2014 the city of New York reserved roughly 400 neighborhood names as online hubs for information sharing, civic engagement, economic development, and organizing. To be eligible for a .nyc neighborhood name, the city required that the lead organization meet the following minimum qualifications: (a) be registered as a nonprofit public benefit corporation, or local development corporation, and (b) headquartered within the neighborhood for which a .nyc domain was sought.

Connecting.nyc Inc. met these qualifications and was granted a license for Jackson Heights.nyc in November 2016. The license application for the JacksonHeights.nyc neighborhood domain as approved by the city is available here.

The following fall within the Initiative's scope:

  • Operate the Jackson Heights Wiki, a baseline for neighborhood assets and memory, and related online resources.
  • Train residents in using and editing the wiki.
  • Make the wiki a trustable and accessible resource residents use for local information.
  • Provide features that empower residents to plan, organize and shape the neighborhood's future.
  • Advocate and educate to assure that all residents have effective Internet Access.
  • Inform neighborhood residents and organization about opportunities presented by digital technologies.

See the JacksonHeights.nyc Layer Cake graphic at right for a depiction of the initiative as layers to be addressed in the coming years. The cake's goal, if cakes can have goals, might be described as adding intelligence and community to the neighborhood. As of this August 2017 posting, we estimate that Layer 3, the wiki, is perhaps 1% complete. Help out. Share what you know!

Origin and Future[edit]

The Jackson Heights Wiki was formed by Connecting.nyc Inc., a Jackson Heights based NYS nonprofit founded in April 2006, to advance the development of the .nyc TLD (top level domain) as a public interest resource. With the city of New York's acquisition of .nyc in 2012 and the TLD's activation in 2014, Connecting's mission morphed to roles that now include:

  • Advocating at city hall and elsewhere for the development of the .nyc TLD as a public interest resource.
  • Advising cities globally through its special consultative status at the United Nations (i.e., Connecting.nyc Inc. is an NGO) on the potential utility of city-TLDs.
  • Advancing the interests of individual Internet users to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) through its status as an At-Large Structure within ICANN.
  • The planning, design, and development of the JacksonHeights.nyc domain.

Connecting.nyc Inc.'s application for the city license to develop the JacksonHeights.nyc domain included a commitment to transition control to an independent nonprofit in three years. Follow that effort on the Governance process page. Learn more about the Connecting.nyc Inc. here.

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